A Dreamy Way of Saying…

As I was searching for a photo needed for my post “Never…Never…Part 3” inside the Dropbox folder, I found this buried inside the “Unsorted Folder” :


Well, obviously this belongs to one of the posts in 2014 (Share with Us @ Clouds N Cups) before moving over to this blog. If you lovely souls are interested in reading my past posts in that blog, don’t hesitate to click the link.

Phew! How time flies and when time is flying by so quickly, we may tend to lose track on what we’ve done in the past.  Ahh…I do miss those prolific blogging days when I first started Clouds N Cups.


As defined by Vocabulary.com:

Reminisce is a dreamy way of saying “remember the past”. It is all about happy recollections and thinking back to stories from the past.

What a beautiful definition if you ask me.

This is just a short sharing with all you lovely souls out there — a blast from the past — and since I am strong believer of “Everything happens for a reason.”, I might just take this opportunity to reinstate my initial intent when comes to blogging.

Have a great day ahead, always!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~ 😀

8 thoughts on “A Dreamy Way of Saying…

  1. Well, I find that there is a huge problem with never reading anything. Most people use the feature from the reader: just click on like and that’s it. It sometimes feels like writing and publishing posts for nobody. It’s also so that people even click like on a comment, but never read it. I find that absurd.
    I value those blogging friends who still take their time and look at images and read posts. There are very few. It seems you have similar friends.


    • I guess everyone has their own agenda in this world of blogging and it is really one’s freedom to do so.

      Don’t fret, my friend. As long as you are posting/writing, there will be people out there reading/liking them.

      Many may click the *like* button, but we will know who are the ones staying.

      Have a great day ahead, always! Cheers! 🙆


    • Thank you so much for reading this post and sharing your feeling with us in this lovely comment.

      Have a great day ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀


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