Free Crochet Pattern: Simple Bunny Bottle Holder Using Mole Yarn

Recently, a friend bought some water bottles for her kids only to realize that the material was glass instead of plastic. Therefore, she asked me to crochet ‘clothing’ for the bottles. To be honest, I’ve never crocheted a bottle holder and this is actually my first time trying. Since the outcome of the workpiece turned out quite okay, I might as well share this pattern with all you lovely souls out there just in case you have similar water bottles as hers.

Just like T-shirt yarn, mole yarn is one that I would try to refrain from using despite seeing so many beautiful amigurumi workpieces crocheted with this yarn. However, I do have a few balls of mole yarns lying around (bought them for some non-crocheting projects and some out of impulse from big sales held at yarn stores), so I decided to try using them to crochet the holder.

Do bear in mind that this pattern is totally based on the dimensions of the bottle I have. However, you can simply adjust the number of stitches and rounds accordingly unless you have a bottle with similar dimensions or use the same yarn weightage and hook size as mine.

Without further adieu, let’s begin to crochet!

Difficulty: Basic

Time Taken: 30 min

Abbreviations (US Terminology)

BLO – Back Loops Only

Ch – Chain

dc – Double Crochet

hdc – Half-Double Crochet

sc2tog – Single Crochet 2 stitches Together

sc – Single Crochet

scinc – Single Crochet Increase (crocheting 2 stitches into one stitch)

slst – Slip Stitch

I am using Mole Yarn with a weightage of 5-WPI (bought from Daiso) and a 7mm crochet hook for this bottle holder. The bottle holder has a base diameter of 8.5cm and a height of

FRONT: 11cm if you measure it from the head of the bunny to the bottom

BACK AND SIDE: 9.5cm excluding the height of the bunny’s head

The length of the ears is 5cm

Things to take note of during crocheting this pattern:

  • A stitch marker is recommended (especially for the first few rounds) in the first stitch crocheting using this yarn even if we are going to doing a “slip stitch” at the end of each round and a “Chain 1” to begin a new round.
  • The first stitch of each round is to be crocheted into the same stitch as “Chain 1”


Round 1: Ch-2, 6-sc into the second loop from hook, slip stitch back into the first stitch (6)

Round 2: Ch-1, 6-scinc, slip stitch back into first stitch (12)

Round 3: Ch-1, 12-scinc, slip stitch back into first stitch (24)

The base of my bottle holder is completed in 3 rounds, having a diameter of 8.5cm. If your bottle has a bigger base than 8.5cm, just continue crocheting your base using (3-sc, inc) x 6 (30), (4-sc, inc) x 6 (36), and so on until the size matches your bottle. It is okay to have the base slightly bigger or smaller than the bottle’s.


Round 4: Ch-1, (BLO) 24-sc, slip stitch back to first stitch (24)

Round 5-6: Ch-1, 24-sc, slip stitch back to first stitch (24)

Round 7: Ch-1, 22-sc, sc2tog, slip stitch back to first stitch (23)

Round 8-9: Ch-1, 23-sc, slip stitch back to first stitch (23)

If your bottle is taller than 9.5cm, just increase the rounds of 23-sc and estimate enough space for the last two rounds where the head and ears are crocheted.


Round 10: Ch-1, 10-sc, skip one stitch, 6-dc into the next stitch, skip one stitch, 10-sc, slip stitch back into first stitch (26)

Round 11

Step 1: Ch-1, 10-slst, Ch-6 (10)

Step 2: (1-dc, 1-hdc) into 3rd loop from hook, 2-sc, 1-slst (5)

Step 3: 6-slst along Round 10, Ch-6 (6)

Step 4: (1-dc, 1-hdc) into 3rd loop from hook, 2-sc, 1-slst (5)

Step 5: 10-slst along Round 10, slip stitch back to first stitch, cut and weave in tail. (10)

Simple Bunny Bottle Holder (without straps or inner ear patch)


As this bottle already comes with a strap, I don’t have to crochet any straps for it. However, there is a hook on the back of the bottle so I decided to make a strap to further secure the holder to the bottle (just in case).


  1. Make a chain with a length of 10cm and slip stitch all the way back, weave the tail in.
  2. Attach the buckle at the tip of the strap and the holder (see photos below)


For the inner ear patches, I am using milk cotton yarn (15-WPI) and a 2.5mm crochet hook. The length of the patch is around 4.5cm.

Step 1: Ch-12, 3-dc into the 3rd loop from hook (3)

Step 2: 1-dc, 8-hdc, Ch-1, leave a long tail for sewing and pull the tail through the Chain-1 loop (9)

I am using the wrong sides of the patches for the front during attaching them to the ears. Try to sew the stitches underneath the rim of the ears so that the patch would look like the one you see in the photo.

You may make and sell items made from this pattern but please do not sell, share or reproduce the actual pattern.

Hope all you lovely souls enjoy crocheting this simple bunny bottle holder.

Do share with us your project in the comment section or on our Facebook page should you decide to crochet one for yourself or your loved ones.

Till then,

TTFN~ Cheers!

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