Never, Never…Part 3

From the previous posts, I mentioned about learning knitting and crocheting at a very young age and ‘tension’ was my nemesis…


… even till this day.

Then again,

A problem is

So it got me into thinking…one of the definitions for the word ‘Problem’ is “a thing that is difficult to achieve”.


When we stopped doing something, does it mean that we have given up?

The encountering of problems might just be one of the reasons for the pause, on the other hand, we might just need to search for THAT MOMENT to start doing it again.

In the past, crocheting/knitting was just a hobby for a ten-year-old girl. With very limited resources in the past and hmm…perhaps limited talent; this little girl found no reason to continue nor did she has the patience to do so. In another words, there just wasn’t enough motivation for her to overcome the ‘problem’ that she was facing.

Since then, she and this hobby were travelling on a parallel track until the universe decided they should meet at an intersection point…many, many years later..yes…many many many years later…

Follow Your Bliss

Maybe my chronic illness is a blessing in disguise as it re-opened the door to the world of yarns and needles for me during those home-bound years.

I can still remember myself staring really hard at those unused balls of yarn and an almost rusty crochet needle after digging them out from one of my drawers.


That was my internal struggle…

And so, I finally picked up that crochet needle and started crocheting away, using my muscle memories and of course, the help of YouTube to refresh and reteach myself all those forgotten crochet stitches. I have to admit, it was still a struggle initially when the same problem hit me right at my face.


But this time, instead of giving up, I just kept frogging as long as the yarn doesn’t give way…LOL…and I started learning from all my frogging experiences so that I could do better in my next project.

On the other hand, if you are a crocheter/knitter reading this post, you might be able to understand that the ‘tension’ problem can never be solved using only one formula since different techniques require different tensions and of course, the yarns play an important part in this as well.

Therefore, I truly believe that as long as we don’t give up, no matter how many times we need to frog (ribbit…ribbit…), our unique learning curve will be formed during all those freaking and frustrating frogging moments…LOL…

This post has been lying inside my draft section for many many months, perhaps years?

Hmm….anyway, I am happy that I am able to unclog my writing block today and finished this post.

For all the lovely and wonderful souls who have been with me from the days of “Clouds N Cups” till today, thank you very much for reading this post.

Have a wonderful day ahead, always!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~ 🙂

The Wisdom in Asking Questions

Woke up around 5 something in the morning and started crocheting the owl key chains for one of my custom made orders.

As I was stacking those colorful and unfilled pieces up (the fun in making colorful projects) and looking at my other owl project, this scenario came to my mind:


Have you ever encountered people asking you a very simple question and yet you just have the toughest time or feeling too awkward to give them an answer?

At times, we tend to just blurt out questions with no consideration of the person’s feelings just because we wanted AN ANSWER to satisfy our curiosity at that very moment — and I am guilty of that.

Sympletots - Asking Questions

Simple and seemingly harmless questions can and will transform into daggers when they are being thrown out at the incorrect moment and hit the bull eye of one’s heart.

Therefore, besides cracking our heads in trying to give people their answers, we may need to spare a few moments in our lives to develop the wisdom in asking a good, sometimes stupid but definitely not a question that would hurt.

Did I offer peace today?

Did I bring a smile to someone’s face?

Did I say words of healing?

Did I let go of my anger and resentment?

Did I forgive? Did I love?

These are the real questions.

I must trust that the little bit of love that I sow now will bear many fruits; 

Here in this world and the life to come.

Henri Nouwen


This is just a short post inspired by my crocheting projects as I am still in the midst of getting my blogging mojo back.

If you lovely souls are interested to read more on owls and ‘asking questions’, here are the links for the posts which I’ve written in the past:


Thank you for reading this post and have a wonderful weekend ahead!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~ 😀


A Dreamy Way of Saying…

As I was searching for a photo needed for my post “Never…Never…Part 3” inside the Dropbox folder, I found this buried inside the “Unsorted Folder” :


Well, obviously this belongs to one of the posts in 2014 (Share with Us @ Clouds N Cups) before moving over to this blog. If you lovely souls are interested in reading my past posts in that blog, don’t hesitate to click the link.

Phew! How time flies and when time is flying by so quickly, we may tend to lose track on what we’ve done in the past.  Ahh…I do miss those prolific blogging days when I first started Clouds N Cups.


As defined by

Reminisce is a dreamy way of saying “remember the past”. It is all about happy recollections and thinking back to stories from the past.

What a beautiful definition if you ask me.

This is just a short sharing with all you lovely souls out there — a blast from the past — and since I am strong believer of “Everything happens for a reason.”, I might just take this opportunity to reinstate my initial intent when comes to blogging.

Have a great day ahead, always!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~ 😀

Never, Never…Part 2

When I was around thirteen or fourteen, Lovable Mom needed some crochet items which my Godmother knew how to make.

With this rather-than-giving-you-a-fish-I-am-giving-you-the-rod mindset in her head, Lovable Mom asked me to learn crocheting from my Godmother instead of asking her to make it.




Since I’ve had bad experiences with using two needles, perhaps I might just do better with one needle.





Although I had finished crocheting the item that Lovable Mom wanted, it was never up to her expectation(s).

“Tsk..Tsk…Tsk….your stitches are too tight.” 

“The ruffle edges are supposed feel softer, just like the ones we had before.”


Despite getting all the steps correct, I was not able to control the tension of the yarn during crocheting.


I had become that very angry girl, once again!

It seemed that my brain and my fingers were not able to understand the word ‘consistency’ and this had proven to be a big problem for me.

Although Lovable Mom was very disappointed with the end products, I did try crocheting a few more sets over those years, thinking that perhaps more practices might just perfect my crocheting skill. Alas, all of them ended up having disappointing results.

Thus, I decided to stop crocheting and never to touch a piece of yarn again even when Lovable Mom asked me to make a few more during years later.


…*sob*sob*…Those ‘tension-filled’ crocheting experiences of mine…*sob*sob*…


(To be continued…)

Never, Never…Part 1

I remembered learning knitting at the age of nine or ten and during that time, my mother had to look for those shops selling yarns in order to buy a set of yarns+needles for around $70++ meant for a sweater pattern.

Then I had to visit the shop every week to receive new instructions and assistance for the sweater…





I never even made it to finishing the base rows of the sweater!!



I was very angry, but mostly frustrated because it seemed that I just couldn’t get those stitches correct and when I FINALLY gotten those stitches correct, it was the problem with the tension of my stitches.

Every time I brought the finished piece back to the shop for further instructions, I was asked to redo the rows again and again…so many times until I decided to stop going.

id-100235409Well, my mother was really mad at me for wasting $70++ on this unfinished project…and even after years later…when she spotted those untouched yarns during one of those annual spring cleaning…I would get nagged again…*sigh*….

id-100235785It was really a bad…bad…knitting experience…


(To be continued…)