Why I Like



If you’ve received a ‘Like’ notification in your mailbox from us, you know the reasons why…

Have a great day ahead!

Cheers & TTFN

This entry was first posted on Share with Us @ Clouds N Cups (28th Jan 2013) and we would like to thank 121 lovely souls for pressing the ‘Like’ button and the following lovely souls for commenting: 

  1. Sophiebowns ~ Great post ! 🙂
  2. Cynt5525 ~ I love this!!!! Great idea!!
  3. Passionwriting ~ whoaaa….so much behind a like…i guess i am so lucky to have ur “likes” 🙂
  4. Fashion Mayann ~ So I am even happier now to have received several “likes” from you : thank you so much, you’ve just made my day(s) !!!
  5. Lillylion ~ Very very very lovely post!
  6. MuZer ~ Aah.. So cute.. 25 is way more than enough reasons! 🙂
  7. Innovateinvestmentbanking ~ This is amazing . I could have never thought of it 🙂
  8. A Touch Of Vivian ~ Wow! I’m also even happier to have received a like from you! Thank u so much, I really appreciate it! 😉 xox
  9. Patrice ~ Thank you for all your wonderful comments and ‘Likes’ Yours is such a beautiful blog!!! 😀
  10. Ros ~ Your posts are great. I like this one very much!!! Thanks also for stopping by my blog & liking my post.
  11. Cricketmuse ~ Thanks for stopping by!
  12. Prayingforoneday ~ Please accept this Award AND song “Shine on Award” Shaun
  13. Jlacroes ~ Nice postings. Thanks for sharing them. All the best!!
  14. Cynt5525 ~ Thank You for admiring my drawings!!! And for your visit 🙂 *Cynthia
  15. Randomlyabstract ~ Its wonderful to get a ‘like’ from someone as amazing as you are, and here is to tell you how much I value your visits! 🙂
  16. Curlyfelt ~ I’m happy to have received a like from you! Thank You so much!
  17. Irenedesign2011 ~ You have a nice blog here. Continue the good work. Thanks for your visit and likes at my blog. Irene
  18. Acasualbeauty ~ How very cute!
  19. Roxanasava92 ~ Hello! Thank you for stopping by! Best wishes from Romania! Roxana Sava

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