Crewmate Amigurumi Doll Crochet Pattern

The difference in height between our Crewmate Doll and Standing Crewmate Keychain

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In this post, I will share with you all the pattern of the Crewmate Amigurumi Doll, which is about 8.5cm if you were to use the yarn thickness and hook size that I am using for this pattern i.e. a yarn weightage of 15 WPI (any type of yarn) and a 2mm crochet hook.

In this pattern, the head, body and legs will be crocheted from top to bottom and in rounds without any slip stitching at the end of each round.

Difficulty: Advance Beginner/Intermediate

Time Taken: 45 min – 1hr

Abbreviations (US Terminology)

AMR – Adjustable Magic Ring

BLO/FLO – Back/Front Loop Only

Ch – Chain

dec – Single Crochet Decrease

inc – Single Crochet Increase

sc – Single Crochet

slst – Slip Stitch


Round 1

Step 1: Ch-8

Step 2: 2-sc into the 2nd chain from the hook, 5-sc, 2-sc into the last chain (9)

Step 3: Working on the opposite side of the chain, 5-sc, slst into the first sc stitch

Round 2: inc, 5-sc, 2-inc, 5-sc, inc (18)

Round 3: 18-sc

Round 4: (5-sc, inc) x 3 (21)

Round 5: 21-sc

Round 6: (6-sc, inc) x 3 (24)

Round 7-9: 24-sc

Round 10: 1-sc, inc, 8-sc, inc, 2-sc, inc, 8-sc, inc, 1-sc (28)

Round 11-14: 28-sc

Round 15: (13-sc, inc) x 2 (30)

Round 16: 30-sc

The head and body is completed after Round 16 but do not cut the yarn as we are going to divide the stitches for the two legs in Round 17.


In Round 17, we will be dividing the body into two portions. Since there are 30 stitches for the body and if you flatten the workpiece, you should have 15 stitches on each side (front and back). Excluding the 6 stitches for the center portion, each leg will have a circle of 12 stitches. With that in mind, let’s continue with the instruction.

Round 17

Step 1: 8-sc, Ch-1, 1-slst (BLO) the 9th and 26th stitches together (8)

Step 2: 1-slst (BLO) the 10th and 25th stitches together

Step 3: 1-slst (BLO) the 11th and 24th stitches together, Ch-1

Step 4: 12-sc, Ch-1

Step 5: 1-slst (FLO) the 11th and 24th stitches together

Step 6: 1-slst (FLO) the 10th and 25th stitches together

Step 7: 1-slst (FLO) the 9th and 26th stitches together, Ch-1

Step 8: 4-sc

Alternatively, you can crochet the 3 slip stitches directly into the stitches instead of working with the FLO/BLO. I am using this method because it would be easier to crochet the legs as the stitches (for the legs) close to the center would not get tucked in by the slip stitches.


Do not stuff the body yet but continue to crochet the first leg, which is the 12-stitch circle with the stitch marker and we will reset the round number for the legs.

Round 1-4: 12-sc

The leg is not completed yet at this point, insert a stitch marker to secure the last loop (See photo below). Either using the other end tail of the yarn ball or another new ball of yarn, we will continue with the second leg.


You can start your first stitch at any stitch but I prefer to insert my hook into the stitch under the first stitch of second leg (See photo below)

Round 1: Ch-1, 1-sc into the same stitch, 11-sc (12)

Round 2-4: 12-sc


You can start stuffing in at this point. After stuffing, we will close off both legs in Round 5.

Round 5: (2-sc, inc) x 3 (9)

Leave a tail and close off by picking the outer loops with the needle, then tighten the yarn to close the gap, tug the bottom in to flatten the sole when you weave in the tail. There might be a small gap between the slip stitch and the first round of the legs, especially the second one. It is okay, just make a few simple sewing stitches (see photo) to close it off during the weave-in of the legs.


Using White color yarn, Ch-5

Round 1

Step 1: 1-sc into the 2nd chain from hook, 3-sc, change to Blue Color, inc into the same stitch (6)

Step 2: Working on the opposite side of the chain, 2-sc, inc (4)

Round 2: (1-sc, inc) x 2 (FLO), (1-sc, inc) x 3 (15)

Round 3: 15-sc (FLO), change to Black color in your last yarn over

Round 4: 15-sc (FLO), slst into the first stitch, cut and leave a long tail for sewing purpose

The face mask is oblong by default. If you want a rectangular frame, just stretch out the four corners with pins, securing the corners with simple sewing stitches before closing up.


The back pack for the doll has a slightly different shape from the keychain patterns. I try to make it similar to the one I’ve seen in those crewmate drawings.

Using the same yarn color as the body, Ch 5

Row 1: 1-sc into the 2nd chain from hook, 3-sc, Ch-1, turn (4)

Row 2: 4-sc, Ch-1, turn

Row 3: inc, 2-sc, inc, Ch-1, turn (6)

Row 4: 6-sc, Ch-1, turn

Row 5: 6-sc, Ch-2, turn

After completing Row 5, we will be crocheting around the perimeter of the workpiece (In rounds).

Round 1

Step 1: 5-sc, (1-sc, Ch-1, 1-sc) into the last stitch (7)

Step 2: Rotate your workpiece until the SIDE 1 is facing up

Step 3: 1-sc, (1-sc, Ch-1, 1-sc) into the next stitch, 2-sc, (1-sc, Ch-1, 1-sc) into the last stitch (7)

Step 4: Rotate your workpiece until the BOTTOM side is facing up

Step 5: 2-sc, (1-sc, Ch 1, 1-sc) into the last loop (4)

Step 6: Rotate your workpiece until the SIDE 2 is facing up

Step 7: 2-sc, (1-sc, Ch 1, 1-sc) into the next stitch, 2-sc, slst into the top loop of first chain 2 (6)

After finishing Round 1, you should have 6 corners made when you crocheted (1-sc, Ch-1, 1-sc) and the shape of your backpack should be the same as the one shown in the photo. In Round 2 (back loops only), you will need to crochet into the back loops of these six “Ch-1 corners”.

Round 2: Ch-1, 1-sc into the same stitch (BLO), 29-sc (BLO), slst back into the first sc stitch (30)

Round 3: Ch-1, 30-slst (FLO), slst back into the first chain 1, cut and leave a long tail for sewing purposes.


When you view your workpiece from the top, the top 2 rows are only 1 round, do not consider it as 2 rounds when you are positioning your facemask and backpack.

For the backpack, the narrower row (with 4 stitches) should be the top part. Position it on the 6th round (recommended). Use a simple sewing stitch on the sides to secure its position, then stuff in the fiberfill before stitching it fully.

You may make and sell items made from this pattern but please do not sell, share or reproduce the actual pattern.

Hope all you lovely souls enjoy crocheting this cute little Sitting Crewmate keychain.

Do share with us your project in the comment section or in our Facebook page should you decided to crochet one for yourself or your loved ones.

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