Look! Pinky Is Blushing…

During my younger days (yes, I am still young…hehe), I loved watching a cartoon show “Pinky and the Brain” and it was interesting to watch the little Brain trying to take over the world while staying inside a cage within a lab and yet how the clueless and insane one (yes, Pinky) sabotaging his plans time after time….funny…

So, if anyone out there who is secretly trying to take over the world, choose your partners well. Brain has no choice so he will just have to stick with Pinky. >_<

Okay, okay…before I tend to go off-topics, here’s another set of thin-cut fimo slices in pink and red:


Yep, finally I’ve managed to finish them. There should be 8 designs for the red colour but due to the 12-box template (I am just too LAZY to extend it) I’ve included them with the other two more colours. Due to this laziness act of mine, I am now facing a problem…

What problem? You may probably ask (I hope)…Well, I cannot come out with a good title for this 3-colour combination (URGHHHHH!!!!).

Fortunately, while I was cracking my brain very hard for a good title, another idea struck me!!


What do you think? Don’t mind leaving a comment here?

So, do look out for more details of this coming event in our future posts and your kind involvement will be much much appreciated.


Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~ 😀

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Thank You For The Participation…

Woah~ our fruit fimo giveaway event has finally come to an end, with the 4th packet claimed by Denise, who is kind enough to spare her time to guess the colours of our next thin-cut fimo in our previous post (Fruit Fimo Giveaway Updates) and got it correct!

Happy~ Happy~ Happy~

I am so happy because our fimo slices are reaching to those who are new to fimo nail arts and we truly hope they will enjoy the fimo slices sent to them. ^_^

Another nice news that we would like to share with you all is…We have 200 followers !!!  (*sob*sob…tears of happiness)

To celebrate this happy occasion, we are going to organize another giveaway event very soon. So do check your reader/e-mail (if you happened to be following our blog) for this event soon.

I have to admit…the sorting of our pink and red thin-cut fimo is a little slower than expected due to some unforeseen circumstances but I’ve managed to finish sorting and packing them during this morning.

Hopefully I am able to post them up during the next few days. While sorting, I have 3 apple designs which I don’t really know what colours they should belong to.


Any ideas? Why not let us know?

Thank you very much for all the kind participation in our blog because we really do enjoy all the interactions we’ve had with you kind souls out there….MUAHKKKK!!!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN ~ 😀

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Fruit Fimo Giveaway Updates

I am extremely happy to receive responses for this event!!


Jinni & her cute little Katie



3 packets already taken and 1 more packet to go, so if you are interested in this event don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.

I am actually quite surprise to see that there are now more votes for fruit fimo in our poll and this is a big motivation for me to go around sourcing and compiling nice nail designs basing on the fimo designs and share them with you all!

Muahkkk~~~~~ x 100

I am currently  sorting and packing another two colours for our thin-cut fimo and are you able to guess what are the two colours from this picture?


Wanna make a guess?

Oh…WP managed to fix the bug….happy!! A big muahkkkk~ to WP as well~ hee~

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~ 😀

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Our Poll, Giveaway Event and Other Blogs

If you happened to stumble upon this humble site of ours, do take a little of your precious time to take part in the poll on our side bar. I am very happy to see more votes coming in but do keep the votes rolling in, please, sweeties? Muahkkkk!!

I’ve still yet to receive any comments concerning our Fruit Fimo Giveaway Event in our “Fruity!! Fruity!! Fruity!!” post, so in order to warm things up, I am going to give away 4 packets of thin-cut fruit fimo mix (30 slices in each packet) in this post.


What’s the catch? You might ask…hmm…

What if I say…’NO’?

Hard to believe it  since there shouldn’t be any free lunch in this world?

All I ask of you is the sincerity in your request and please…..please…please do not provide me with some fake addresses or identities.

Of course, if possible, do e-mail us (cncfimoparadise@gmail.com) a photo of your done nail arts with our fruit fimo so that I can upload them in our future posts.

And that… is all I ask of you…with my heart crossed.

Only 4 packets available at the moment. Whoever is interested in getting them, just leave a comment with your name and full address so that I can have them sent to you.

Last but not least, if you are interested in fashion accessories or needed a smile on your face, do take a look at our other two blogs at the side bar.

We’ve just updated them.

Enjoy your visit!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN ~ 😀

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    • I wanted to come by and say thanks for visiting me at shewhisperswords.wordpress.com. I love your blog, I have a five year old little girl who’s obsessed with her nails(fingers and toes) and cannot wait until I have time to check out many of the posts here. She’s always asking me to do difficult things and I’m not ashamed to say I suck at it. LOL
    • Oh and I’d love to enter for a packet, but I won’t leave my address on a public comment, however if you’ll email me at the email in my blog info page, I’d be happy to send it to you. I will also be happy to send you pictures, as well as blogging about it on mine with a link back here 🙂 Granted it’ll be on my baby girl’s fingers, but still 🙂
    • BTW, Dinghy person I am just finally found the poll(I seriously thought it was a link to something and kept trying to click it..duh…) and let my daughter choose her favorite, she says butterflies and such! lol she’s such a girly girl!
  10. Ginny ~ I’ve recently found your site and had never heard of fimo cuts on nails, but would love to try it. Please enter me for a pack of the fruity cuts. If I win I can give you my address by email if that’s ok. Love all the beautiful nail art.
  11. Jackie ~ These seem so cute! If there are any left, I’d love to try some out, too.
  12. abigailsnails ~ Thanks for the visits and likes! I’m just getting started with nail art so I appreciate you looking 😀 I’ve never tried using polyclay decals, so if there are still some available (and you don’t mind posting to Japan) I’d love to try some. I’ve tried making poly clay caned for beads/jewelry but I’m pretty rubbish at it – yours look lovely though!

Let’s Go Green!

Finally, I’ve managed to upload the last few designs (at the moment) for our feather cut fimo. You can view them at our blog pages.

Our thin-cut fimo slice catalogue is ready for upload. Yeah!!!

Basically, the difference between a feather cut fimo and thin cut fimo is only their thickness. If you prefer your fimo slice to be as thin as possible, you should choose a feather cut fimo. However, to give your nail art a slightly 3-D effect, you can choose a thin-cut fimo or even a thicker fimo which is between 0.5 and 1mm.

Although the difference may seem oblivious by just looking at the fimo slice itself, it will be very obvious after you’ve put them onto your nails. This is also a reason more time was needed when I was doing the sorting and differentiating them as according to their thickness (Phew~).

I’ve really learnt quite a lot from doing all those cutting and sorting.

Okay, since there is only one colour at the moment, which is GREEN…(This explains the title of this blog)…I will upload it in this post and set up a new page for this section after I’ve completed more colours.

By the way, what colours do you want to see next? Let me know?

In the meantime, Let’s Go Green then…


Tomorrow I will be accompanying my mother to a flower exhibition since I need to help her with all the photo taking. Maybe…just maybe…I might get some inspirations from those flowers? Who knows?

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN ~ 😀

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  9. oldworldcharmvintage ~ Used to play with fimo when i was a kid, great memory thanks, my sister was the pro and is now a jeweler, great for patience and fun little creations xo
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