Fruit Fimo Giveaway Updates

I am extremely happy to receive responses for this event!!


Jinni & her cute little Katie



3 packets already taken and 1 more packet to go, so if you are interested in this event don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.

I am actually quite surprise to see that there are now more votes for fruit fimo in our poll and this is a big motivation for me to go around sourcing and compiling nice nail designs basing on the fimo designs and share them with you all!

Muahkkk~~~~~ x 100

I am currently  sorting and packing another two colours for our thin-cut fimo and are you able to guess what are the two colours from this picture?


Wanna make a guess?

Oh…WP managed to fix the bug….happy!! A big muahkkkk~ to WP as well~ hee~

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~ 😀

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Feathers over the rainbow…

Oh Gosh..oh gosh…I’ve had a difficult time trying to upload this post because the ‘add media’ button is not working, I wonder what is going on???

Thank God I managed to upload picture using another add post option, but I don’t really like it because this option does not have a preview button….sob*sob*….

I do hope the bug will be fixed soon…

Okay, back to today’s topic…This post title immediately came into my head the moment I finished the design and had an image of two feathers coming from a bird flying over the rainbow…hehehe….

I was doing a rainbow design on my toe nails basing on the one that I did on my baby sister’s. For my right leg, I did a vertical stripes with a few colours (very much similar to the ones on the finger nails) but unfortunately, they were ruined after I’ve applied a layer of silver glitter!!!! (URGHHHHHH!!!!)

With the painstaking experience on my right toes, I decided to be more careful with my left foot. Instead of vertical stripes, I’ve taken the approach to using freestyle horizontal stripes with all the colours I’ve had at hand and here’s the result:


Actually, I did not take down the photo of the design only after a few days later when I wanted to remove them. From the picture, you should have noticed that my right foot is actually inside a sock because I was just recovering from a bad flu on the day I took the photo…Heehee…

After taking a last look, I realized that the colours were still in good condition even without any top coat, so I decided to share them with you all.T

This is, of course not a very successful attempt and though I’ve mentioned before, I still find the need to shout out loud, “IT IS NOT EASY DOING YOUR OWN TOE NAILS!!!”

If I were to take down photos of myself trying all kinds of funny postures just to paint the nails, you may think that I am doing some difficult yoga postures rather than nail painting?

*Sob*….I need to do something about my back….and WP needed to do something about the bug fixing…

Hope you enjoy reading this post.

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN ~ 😀

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Our Poll, Giveaway Event and Other Blogs

If you happened to stumble upon this humble site of ours, do take a little of your precious time to take part in the poll on our side bar. I am very happy to see more votes coming in but do keep the votes rolling in, please, sweeties? Muahkkkk!!

I’ve still yet to receive any comments concerning our Fruit Fimo Giveaway Event in our “Fruity!! Fruity!! Fruity!!” post, so in order to warm things up, I am going to give away 4 packets of thin-cut fruit fimo mix (30 slices in each packet) in this post.


What’s the catch? You might ask…hmm…

What if I say…’NO’?

Hard to believe it  since there shouldn’t be any free lunch in this world?

All I ask of you is the sincerity in your request and please…..please…please do not provide me with some fake addresses or identities.

Of course, if possible, do e-mail us ( a photo of your done nail arts with our fruit fimo so that I can upload them in our future posts.

And that… is all I ask of you…with my heart crossed.

Only 4 packets available at the moment. Whoever is interested in getting them, just leave a comment with your name and full address so that I can have them sent to you.

Last but not least, if you are interested in fashion accessories or needed a smile on your face, do take a look at our other two blogs at the side bar.

We’ve just updated them.

Enjoy your visit!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN ~ 😀

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    • I wanted to come by and say thanks for visiting me at I love your blog, I have a five year old little girl who’s obsessed with her nails(fingers and toes) and cannot wait until I have time to check out many of the posts here. She’s always asking me to do difficult things and I’m not ashamed to say I suck at it. LOL
    • Oh and I’d love to enter for a packet, but I won’t leave my address on a public comment, however if you’ll email me at the email in my blog info page, I’d be happy to send it to you. I will also be happy to send you pictures, as well as blogging about it on mine with a link back here 🙂 Granted it’ll be on my baby girl’s fingers, but still 🙂
    • BTW, Dinghy person I am just finally found the poll(I seriously thought it was a link to something and kept trying to click it..duh…) and let my daughter choose her favorite, she says butterflies and such! lol she’s such a girly girl!
  10. Ginny ~ I’ve recently found your site and had never heard of fimo cuts on nails, but would love to try it. Please enter me for a pack of the fruity cuts. If I win I can give you my address by email if that’s ok. Love all the beautiful nail art.
  11. Jackie ~ These seem so cute! If there are any left, I’d love to try some out, too.
  12. abigailsnails ~ Thanks for the visits and likes! I’m just getting started with nail art so I appreciate you looking 😀 I’ve never tried using polyclay decals, so if there are still some available (and you don’t mind posting to Japan) I’d love to try some. I’ve tried making poly clay caned for beads/jewelry but I’m pretty rubbish at it – yours look lovely though!

Nail Patch/Sticker – When Time Is Simply Not Enough…

When TIME is the ONLY thing that one cannot afford to waste, what will you do when your mind is still blank and your nails won’t say yes to only nail polish? (Angry Nail 1: I need designs!!!)

A good solution might be…to invent a time machine that can freeze time or simply just using…NAIL PATCH.

For those who are new to this item, nail patch is very similar to stickers (don’t we just love stickers? Even when I am already a full-grown adult..ha~and you thought I am going to say out my age?? nah…), the only difference is that they are meant to be on our nails and not on some sticker albums or the bed dashboard (hmmm…those ‘Chun Li’ stickers from streetfighters are still on mine…oh…how time flies… :P)

They come in all sort of designs so the only thing you need to do is to choose.

One of the advertisement gimmick lines for this product is “Get your nails done in just 5 minutes!” , well perhaps true for those really really really (did I already say ‘really’?) professional ones but definitely not for first-timers, unless you are really good at arts and crafts.


In order to prove that this is a user-friendly product, as a newbie myself (crossing my heart), I’ve taken the liberty to try out our Citrus Circles design on my baby sister. Here’s the result.


How is it?

Of course, 5 minutes is quite impossible but hey, I took only around 10 to 15 minutes, which is considered quite time-saving comparing to putting those fimo on. I am sure if I keep on trying, 5 minutes may be possible for me too. If you would like to share your experiences with us, don’t hesitate to leave your reply/comment for this post. My eyes are open to read all about them. Hee~

You can put on a layer of top coat on them after you’re done so that they can be more lasting.

Have a great day ahead!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN ~ 😀

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Don’t be Blue, Stay Cute…

Blue is one of my favourite colours and thus I decided to try out two blue colours on my nails. Unfortunately, besides painting my nails blue (x3), my mood was painted blue as well.

It was the day I FINALLY realised why those previous few nail designs were getting small lumps after applying the top coat polish.

The reason is simple…



Did you see the ‘x3’?

Yes, it took me 3 tries….why?


Sad…now, I’ve no more usable top coat polish BUT I am just tooooooooo lazy to go and get one.

Must get one soon….must get one soon…..

How ironic life can be sometimes, wanted a cute and simple design and yet, giving me blue moods because of it….anyway, here’s the outcome from this ironic learning experience:


Can you notice the uneven surface?  Trust me, that was the best I could with THE CONTAMINATED TOP COAT..


No top coat polish applied to the other 4 nails since I was convinced that they looked nicer without it.

By the way, did you also notice two tiny round blobs? They used to be two sparkling light blue 2mm rhinestones but after 3 tries, they became two blobs (*sob*sob*)….poor rhinestones…don’t be sad…you still rock, even as a blob!!!

Material used:

  • Colour – Baby Blue, Blue & Silver glitter
  • Nail Art Decor – 1 thick-cut pink ribbon fimo and yes, two 2mm light blue rhinestones (*Sob*)


Till then,

Cheers & TTFN ~ 😀

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  9. lipstickhero ~ love the baby blue color!
  10. shewhisperswords ~ The glitter was still pretty! We have about four bottles in the last three months that did that crap to us, and they were all super cheap bottles(not cheap as in I got a deal, cheap as in they’re not well made). So I concur, cheap doesn’t always equal quality when it comes to your nails.