Never, Never…Part 3

From the previous posts, I mentioned about learning knitting and crocheting at a very young age and ‘tension’ was my nemesis…


… even till this day.

Then again,

A problem is

So it got me into thinking…one of the definitions for the word ‘Problem’ is “a thing that is difficult to achieve”.


When we stopped doing something, does it mean that we have given up?

The encountering of problems might just be one of the reasons for the pause, on the other hand, we might just need to search for THAT MOMENT to start doing it again.

In the past, crocheting/knitting was just a hobby for a ten-year-old girl. With very limited resources in the past and hmm…perhaps limited talent; this little girl found no reason to continue nor did she has the patience to do so. In another words, there just wasn’t enough motivation for her to overcome the ‘problem’ that she was facing.

Since then, she and this hobby were travelling on a parallel track until the universe decided they should meet at an intersection point…many, many years later..yes…many many many years later…

Follow Your Bliss

Maybe my chronic illness is a blessing in disguise as it re-opened the door to the world of yarns and needles for me during those home-bound years.

I can still remember myself staring really hard at those unused balls of yarn and an almost rusty crochet needle after digging them out from one of my drawers.


That was my internal struggle…

And so, I finally picked up that crochet needle and started crocheting away, using my muscle memories and of course, the help of YouTube to refresh and reteach myself all those forgotten crochet stitches. I have to admit, it was still a struggle initially when the same problem hit me right at my face.


But this time, instead of giving up, I just kept frogging as long as the yarn doesn’t give way…LOL…and I started learning from all my frogging experiences so that I could do better in my next project.

On the other hand, if you are a crocheter/knitter reading this post, you might be able to understand that the ‘tension’ problem can never be solved using only one formula since different techniques require different tensions and of course, the yarns play an important part in this as well.

Therefore, I truly believe that as long as we don’t give up, no matter how many times we need to frog (ribbit…ribbit…), our unique learning curve will be formed during all those freaking and frustrating frogging moments…LOL…

This post has been lying inside my draft section for many many months, perhaps years?

Hmm….anyway, I am happy that I am able to unclog my writing block today and finished this post.

For all the lovely and wonderful souls who have been with me from the days of “Clouds N Cups” till today, thank you very much for reading this post.

Have a wonderful day ahead, always!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~ 🙂

6 thoughts on “Never, Never…Part 3

  1. I did enjoy your post as it reminds me of my own “problems” with my crocheting. My Stepmom taught me to crochet when I was 11 years old. And believe me, it was not easy. She held her crochet hook under her fingers (probably the proper way). After many, many attempts at not being able to crochet even a few chains and giving up and picking up to try again, I grabbed the hook with my hand over the hook and was able to chain away and crochet some single crochets. It was a long and frustrating process. She taught me to crochet chevron blankets, which I made many of. But I never learned to read a pattern, or put other stitches together. Ove the past few years I have crocheted off and on, mostly blankets and bed dolls. Not really knowing where to put my hook especially at the beginning and ends of rows. My sides were always wonky. In this last month, 44 years after making my first stitches, I am miraculously crocheting! I’ve never been able to make granny squares, and all of a sudden I am making them. The only thing I can think of, is that my Stepmom is crocheting through me, helping me along. It is amazing. Me tension isn’t always on par, and sometimes I need to change needle size, or just relax. So I say keep trying, never give up. Some things have an amazing way of working out.


    • Hi Ginny! Thank you for reading this post and sharing your thoughts with us in this lovely comment.

      After reading your past experience, I can totally feel you… Yes, as long as we don’t give up, the pot of gold is always at the other side of the rainbow!

      Once again, thank you and have a great day ahead, always!

      Cheers!! 🙂


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