Bling Bling Heart

Once again, Thank you for your love, my friend! Cheers!!

Free Range Cow

Bling Bling HeartSo Chloe saw this piece on a fellow blogger’s site, Clouds-n-Cups (besides selling jewelry, they offer tons of happy thoughts and good vibes) and she ordered a couple pieces (yes, she’s one very talented cow).

The package arrived, yesterday (aaaall the way from Singapore), and the pieces are even more beautiful than they were pictured. The post office lady was so excited for me when she saw the smile the package brought to my face.

And they are.absolutely.divine.

This one is called Angelic Love and the patina on it reminds me of something from the 1920’s (an era I am absolutely obsessed with in regards to fashion). In fact, the whole necklace seems like it would be from the 1920’s.

We likey. Who says a cow can’t be a fashionista? Chloe has waaaay more style than I do, for sure! But I am TOTALLY gonna borrow this necklace!

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